Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

Business is today confronted by an ever-growing body of complex regulation intended to encourage financial transparency, accountability and information sharing, as governments everywhere strive to balance the need to sustain economic growth and opportunity with national socio-political interests and goals, whilst at the same time limiting the ambit for cross-border criminal activity without restricting legitimate trade, commerce and investment.

Tabacks’ banking and finance team offers practical guidance and expert legal advice to both borrowers and lenders on a wide variety of onshore and cross-border financing transactions, with particular focus on:

  • structure project finance transactions
  • private equity investment and corporate structuring in connection with the acquisition or disposal of local and offshore assets
  • syndicated loan, refinancing and preference share funding by both local and foreign banks and financiers
  • transaction-related regulatory issues
  • domestic and international taxation

We provide an excellent and customised service.

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